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Understanding Beauty Products and Tools

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3 Changes To Make This Summer To Take Care Of Your Natural Hair Wig

With the summer heat upon you, you may quickly find out that your natural hair wig needs a little different care and attention during the summer months. Here are three changes you should make to how you take care of your natural hair wig during the summer.

#1 Cover It Up When Out In The Sun

When you go outside in the sun with a natural hair wig, your head may get really hot. When your head gets hot, you are going to sweat, which will make your wig dirty and require you to clean it more frequently. To keep your head cool, you should invest in some nice wide-brim summer hats and baseball caps. You may also want to use some scarfs to wrap around your head. This is stylish way to stay cool, and can allow you to add more color into your wardrobe.

It is also important to cover up your head and to try to keep your hair out of the sun during the hottest time of the day because the summer heat from the sun can wear down your natural hair wig. This will shorten the usually time that you can get out of your hair wig. It can cause your wig to get fizzy and it can cause the hair to break more easily.

Keeping your wig out of the sun and covered up will keep you cooler and will help protect the longevity of your natural hair wig.

#2 Wash It More Often

Although you are generally advised to not wash your wig that often in order to prolong its life, you should increase how often you wash your wig this summer. In the summertime, you are more likely to sweat when you are outside and in the summer heat. Sweat can cause your wig to break down and it can also cause your wig to develop an odor. You don't want to turn people off from hanging out with you because your hair does not smell that great.

Examine your usual schedule for washing your hair, and double how often you wash your wig. For example, if you usually wash your wig once a month, plan on doing it twice a month or if you wash your wig twice a month, plan on doing it every week. This will keep your wig looking and smelling great.

#3 Go For A Shorter Style

Finally, you don't have to keep the style that you currently have on your wig. You can cut your wig, the only difference being that your hair is not going to grow back on your wig. Going with a shorter style can reduce the weight on your head, which will make your wig lighter, more manageable and more comfortable this summer.

You may also want to invest in a different wig in a new color and cut. If people ask, you can just tell that they you changed your hairstyle for the summer. Since many people do this, your new wig and style should not stand out in a negative way, but instead give you a new summer lease on life and your hair.

For more information on hair care, contact a cosmetology program in your area.