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Understanding Beauty Products and Tools

Hey, my name is Jace Kinders. I'd like to explore beauty products that I must keep on hand for personal and professional use. Although I'm not a fashion model, I like to keep my appearance fine tuned throughout my workday and beyond. I strive to always have the best hair and skin possible to keep my confidence levels soaring. To accomplish this feat, I must rely on beauty products, like dry shampoo, styling gel, lotion and body washes. I also use a ton of different pieces of equipment from flat irons to blow dryers. I will share all of the tips and tricks I've gathered over the years to help you learn how to use these products and tools to better your looks as well. I hope you visit my site often to learn all you can about beauty for men and women.


Use Your Good Scents: 7 Ways To Repurpose Perfume

Are you wondering what to do with those many bottles of perfume you've gathered as holiday or birthday gifts? If you fear you'll never use them on a day to day basis, it's time to rethink that notion. There are several ways to utilize perfume, from creating a home or office sachet to adding scent to a greeting card. Consider the following tips to repurpose those lovely scents in a totally creative way:

1. Refresh Your Carpets

Have your carpets retained any unpleasant pet odors or nasty smells from smoke or cooking? If you don't have a carpet deodorizer handy, try a little perfume. Don't spritz the perfume directly on the carpet, however, as it may stain the fibers. Instead, spray a small amount on a cotton ball, and then toss it down on the carpet. Next, vacuum the cotton ball into your machine for a subtle hint of scent on your carpet.

If you prefer a long lasting scent, grab some baking soda and place it in any container with a spout. Now spray some perfume into the container and shake it a bit. You might want to let the mixture sit overnight so the perfume has a chance to permeate the container. The next day simply sprinkle some on your carpet, then vacuum.

2. Create Scented Bath Salts

Turn ordinary bath salts into a scented delight for your bathwater. Place some bath salts, a bit of glycerin, and several sprays of perfume into a glass jar. You might also add a few squirts of your favorite food coloring for a splash of color. Now simply toss a handful of bath salts into the tub and enjoy the scent as you bathe. It's also a nice gift idea: just place the perfumed bath salts in a decorative bottle and embellish it with a pretty ribbon for your recipient.

3. Make a Homemade Sachet

This do-it-yourself creation is very simple. In addition to the perfume, you will need a small pouch (velveteen or satin is nice) and some cotton balls. All you have to do is spray a few drops of perfume onto the cotton balls and place them inside the pouch. Next, place the sachet inside a dresser drawer or linen closet to give your belongings a lovely scent that will linger until the next washing.

Alternatively, you can tie the sachet onto your fabric hangers to add scent to your closet. Another way to use the homemade sachet is inside a gym locker. Get creative and place your sachet anywhere you want to add scent, such as in the car or truck or at the office.

4. Keep Your Mattress Smelling Sweet

Next time you change your bedding, sprinkle a little baking soda on the mattress, then add a few drops of perfume. After a few hours, vacuum the mattress and you will enjoy the faint scent when you climb into bed.

5. Create An Effective Room Freshener

There are a few ways to freshen one room or the entire house. To freshen a room, spray a few drops of perfume onto a (cool) light bulb. When you turn on the light, the scent will waft through the air.

If you want to freshen the house with scent, place a few drops of perfume into a pot of boiling water on the stove top. Keep in mind that the more drops of perfume you add to the boiling water, the stronger the scent will be. If you don't want to create an overpowering scent, only add a few drops. It will still permeate the air, although with a more subtle effect.

6. Add Scent to Your Laundry

Spray some perfume onto a light cloth or handkerchief, then toss it into the dryer with your laundry. This will give your laundry a subtle hint of scent. Remember, the heat from the dryer will deepen the scent, so keep it light by spraying only a few spritzes onto the cloth.

7. Give Your Greeting Cards a Splash of Scent

Why send a plain note or greeting card when you can add your own signature scent? Spray a few drops onto the cards and envelopes. When your recipient opens the card, it will remind them of you in a special way.