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Understanding Beauty Products and Tools

Hey, my name is Jace Kinders. I'd like to explore beauty products that I must keep on hand for personal and professional use. Although I'm not a fashion model, I like to keep my appearance fine tuned throughout my workday and beyond. I strive to always have the best hair and skin possible to keep my confidence levels soaring. To accomplish this feat, I must rely on beauty products, like dry shampoo, styling gel, lotion and body washes. I also use a ton of different pieces of equipment from flat irons to blow dryers. I will share all of the tips and tricks I've gathered over the years to help you learn how to use these products and tools to better your looks as well. I hope you visit my site often to learn all you can about beauty for men and women.


Romper Buying Guide For Curvy & Heavy-Set Women

Rompers have made a style comeback in the past couple of years. Rompers are cute and comfortable. They can also be dressed up or down for a trip to the store, or a night on the town. One issue that many people discuss often with rompers is that curvy women don't think that they can pull them off. Any woman can pull off a romper; you just have to know what to look for. Here is a romper buying guide for curvy and heavy-set women.

Skirt vs. Shorts

All rompers consist of a top that is attached to shorts. However, some rompers have a layer of fabric over the shorts to make it look like a dress. If you hold your weight in your thighs, you might be more comfortable in one of these rompers. You won't have to worry about the fabric being tight on your thighs since the shorts part is not actually seen.


Never buy a romper without trying it on first. Some rompers fit women with shorter torsos. If your torso is too long, the romper will ride up your butt when you put it on. Along with torso length, the length of the shorts varies as well. A romper might fit your torso, but barely cover your rear-end. If you buy a romper with wide leg-holes so it's loose on your thighs, you will want the romper to be particularly long.


Don't buy a romper with a stretchy fabric. The romper will stick to you like glue and accentuate every unflattering aspect of your body. Thin, flowing fabrics are your best friend. A loose-fit romper will show your curves without sticking to your body. The best fabrics for curvy and heavy-set women are natural fibers. These include:

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Worsted

Know Your Body Type

It's important to know your body type when shopping for rompers. Pear shaped women are bottom heavy. With a pear shape, you want to draw attention to the top to balance out your frame. You can do this by buying rompers with buttons, embellishments, ruffles, and other extras on the romper. If you find a romper with black shorts and a white, or bright colored top, that will balance out your frame too.

Apple shaped means that you have a thick waist. For a flattering romper, find one that has an elastic band on the waist, or a tie that gathers in the back. It will give the illusion of a smaller waist.

If you are top heavy, you basically want to wear the opposite of what a pear-shaped woman would wear. Avoid ruffled or embellished tops, or other tops that draw all the attention to your chest. For the bottom part of the romper, you don't want anything too tight. A looser fit around the legs will even out your frame.

If you have an hourglass figure, buy a romper that is equally proportioned. A solid color or pattern will keep the attention on your entire figure. You want it to fit evenly throughout your body as well. Make sure it's just as loose on the top as it is on the bottom, or it will give off the illusion that your body is not proportionate. Just accentuate what you already have and you have nothing to worry about.

The next time you see a stick-thin woman in a romper, don't wish you could pull one off too. You can! You just need to know which ones work well for your body. Buy rompers with thin, flowing fabrics that accentuate and even out your figure. Make sure you try it on first, since rompers have a lower margin for error than other types of clothing. To learn more about the different kinds of rompers available to you, check out a store that sells rompers.