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5 Tips To Prevent Pilling On A Cashmere Pncho

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Cashmere tends to be considered one of the finer fabrics that men and women need in their wardrobe. It manages to keep you warm even though it is thin and lightweight, meaning that it layers well and will feel comfortable to wear. Unfortunately, even the best of cashmere can pill over time. If you are making an investment in cashmere wardrobe pieces, follow this advice to keep it looking new for as long as possible.  Know What Pilling Is  Pilling appears like small balls of fuzz that appear on woven or knitted material. It occurs when the fibers in the fabric break, causing the ends to stick out and become frizzy. It can happen on any fabric. The amount of pilling depends on the quality of the fabric and how much friction it undergoes. If the fabric is regularly treated roughly or accidentally becomes stuck on something, pilling can occur.   Purchase High-quality Cashmere Your first step to preventing pilling is to purchase high-quality products. Although cashmere is generally considered a luxury wool, not all cashmere products are made to the same standards. It is important to know how to look for high quality cashmere when you are shopping. Most important, when shopping for an outer layer such as a poncho or scarf, is to look for a tight weave. You should be able to run your hand over the garment without snagging on loose threads. It should feel supple but strong, and it should be thick enough that you cannot see your hand through it when holding it up to the light.  Hand Wash or Dry Clean Your Cashmere  Once you have made your purchase, it is important to care for it gently. Cashmere should only be washed by hand or sent to a dry cleaner and, especially as outer wear, it does not have to be washed often. Even if you have a hand washing setting on your washing machine, you may want to simply soak your poncho in cold water with a small amount of detergent as opposed to agitating it at all. Stains should be spot cleaned.  You may also want to lanolize your cashmere poncho. This can make it slightly water resistant, increase its natural anti-microbial properties, and help to strengthen it.  Prevent Everyday Friction  To prevent pilling, you should reduce the everyday friction on your poncho. Carry handbags beneath the poncho to prevent the straps from your bag rubbing on your fabric. If you are sitting, either remove your poncho or sit with proper posture, away from the back of your seat, to prevent snagging on rough furniture. While some amount of friction is unavoidable, your goal should be to reduce repetitive friction that can slowly wear down your cashmere fibers.   Know How to Remove Pilling If you do experience pilling, it is important to know how to remove it without causing more damage to your poncho. Common methods, such as picking at the pilling or using a lint roller, can pull the fibers of your poncho, causing them to weaken and break more. Instead, you should find a way to cut the pilling. This can be done with a sharp pair of scissors, a special sweater stone, a regular pumice stone, or a shaving razor. Whatever instrument you use, it is important...

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Romper Buying Guide For Curvy & Heavy-Set Women

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Rompers have made a style comeback in the past couple of years. Rompers are cute and comfortable. They can also be dressed up or down for a trip to the store, or a night on the town. One issue that many people discuss often with rompers is that curvy women don’t think that they can pull them off. Any woman can pull off a romper; you just have to know what to look for. Here is a romper buying guide for curvy and heavy-set women. Skirt vs. Shorts All rompers consist of a top that is attached to shorts. However, some rompers have a layer of fabric over the shorts to make it look like a dress. If you hold your weight in your thighs, you might be more comfortable in one of these rompers. You won’t have to worry about the fabric being tight on your thighs since the shorts part is not actually seen. Length Never buy a romper without trying it on first. Some rompers fit women with shorter torsos. If your torso is too long, the romper will ride up your butt when you put it on. Along with torso length, the length of the shorts varies as well. A romper might fit your torso, but barely cover your rear-end. If you buy a romper with wide leg-holes so it’s loose on your thighs, you will want the romper to be particularly long. Fabric Don’t buy a romper with a stretchy fabric. The romper will stick to you like glue and accentuate every unflattering aspect of your body. Thin, flowing fabrics are your best friend. A loose-fit romper will show your curves without sticking to your body. The best fabrics for curvy and heavy-set women are natural fibers. These include: Cotton Linen Silk Worsted Know Your Body Type It’s important to know your body type when shopping for rompers. Pear shaped women are bottom heavy. With a pear shape, you want to draw attention to the top to balance out your frame. You can do this by buying rompers with buttons, embellishments, ruffles, and other extras on the romper. If you find a romper with black shorts and a white, or bright colored top, that will balance out your frame too. Apple shaped means that you have a thick waist. For a flattering romper, find one that has an elastic band on the waist, or a tie that gathers in the back. It will give the illusion of a smaller waist. If you are top heavy, you basically want to wear the opposite of what a pear-shaped woman would wear. Avoid ruffled or embellished tops, or other tops that draw all the attention to your chest. For the bottom part of the romper, you don’t want anything too tight. A looser fit around the legs will even out your frame. If you have an hourglass figure, buy a romper that is equally proportioned. A solid color or pattern will keep the attention on your entire figure. You want it to fit evenly throughout your body as well. Make sure it’s just as loose on the top as it is on the bottom, or it will give off the illusion that your body is not proportionate. Just accentuate what you already have and you have nothing...

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Getting Married Elvis Style

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Every couple wants a wedding that guests will enjoy and remember. If you and your future spouse are more into fun than tradition, consider an Elvis themed wedding. You can transport your guests back in time with an Elvis impersonator officiating, performing at or organizing your wedding. Here are some ways to make the most of an Elvis wedding.  Dress Like the King Your over the top Elvis themed wedding starts with you. Forget about tuxedos and overpriced wedding gowns. Why would you want to wear that when you could dress like Elvis himself?  To make the Elvis experience all that it can be, grooms should choose a white jumpsuit or a gold jacket. Brides can dress as the king as well or can summon up an inner Priscilla with 60’s fashions and a huge hair-do.  If you want to go the traditional route but stay with the theme, you could always look for clothing reminiscent of what Elvis and Priscilla wore to their own wedding. Elvis wore a black tux, and Priscilla chose a simple gown with an overlay on the bodice and sleeves. She also wore a large crown with her veil.  Provide Guests With Gift Bags Anyone attending your wedding should be prepared to have a good time. Surprise guests with gift bags at the hotel. Include Elvis themed items like sunglasses and scarves that they can wear to the wedding. You can also include a CD of Elvis’ music.  Also include a disposable camera for each guest so everyone can capture snapshots of your big day and guests feel like they are being included in the fun.  Ask for Elvis Vows Be sure to ask the venue if you and your intended can repeat Elvis themed vows. When you have Elvis Presley at your wedding ceremony, you can add some entertainment to your vows by letting your sweetheart know that “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” and that you will never leave your beloved at “Heartbreak Hotel”.  Rent a Pink Cadillac Elvis loved cars, and his favorite vehicle was a pink Cadillac. You can rent this Elvis approved mode of transportation to take you and your future spouse to your wedding ceremony and then from the venue to the reception.  You might even want to scarf down some deep fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, rumored to be Presley’s favorite.  Have Elvis Walk the Bride Down the Aisle Even if Dad couldn’t make it, that walk down the aisle can still be a memorable one. Brides don’t need to walk down the aisle themselves when they have Elvis Presley to accompany them.  Stream the Wedding Online Your wedding is going to be a one of a kind, amazing event. You probably have friends and family that could not attend your Elvis wedding, but you don’t have to leave them out. You can have your wedding streamed online so everyone can join in the fun.  Leave gift bags for friends who will not be attending, and they will feel like they are there with you.  Model the Cake One of the highlights of Elvis’ wedding to Priscilla was their monster cake. According to Las Vegas Eater, the cake was six layers high and included brandy flavored icing, Bavarian cream and apricot marmalade. The outside...

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